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GBC Magnapunch 2.0 Heavy-Duty Binding Punach – 1880011

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In our very busy business industry, every second counts when it comes to deadlines. Punching errors or a slow machine could cause the company that major acquisition. The legendary GBC is proud to present the heavy-duty Magnapunch 2.0, the one and only desktop punch that will prevent wasted paper and lost time! With deadlines becoming shorter and shorter, efficiency and productivity is the key for success. The Magnapunch 2.0 is designed to avoid missed punches and setup errors while producing accurate and quick punches. It is the first desktop punch in the industry to transition from electro-mechanical devices into the digitally enhanced world. A full color LCD and electronic interface display with easy pattern setup, paper setup, and pin configuration. The Magnapunch 2.0 introduces the brand-new edge-detection technology (EDT), which virtually eliminates missed punches. If the materials are not inserted fully, the edge-detection will display an error message to the operator, preventing any wasted punches and papers. Along with the detection, a block punch setup is there to guide with the correspondent speed. What really sets the Magnapunch 2.0 apart are the self-monitoring operating conditions that alert when the trigger is over-stuffed. The critical feedback will help reduce overloading, prevent downtime and extend the life of the machine. A major problem of jammed machines is caused by the over capacity of the waste drawer. The Magnapunch features a clear view waste drawer with a chip drawer capacity sensor, ensuring production continues smoothly every second of the day. The Magnapunch can increase punch capacity up to 71%, depending on the punch style. Another new addition to the 2.0 is the convenient paper tray located on the top of the machine. With the capability to stack projects on the top, it creates a more efficient and productive work flow. GBC has incorporated an easy and simple QR scan code on the side of the machine; it will locate a certified service provider with your smart phone. Whether you are a print provider with consistent volume or a small office with an occasional project that needs to be finished quickly, the GBC Magnapunch 2.0 is truly a must have!

Product Details

  • Full color interactive LCD provides push button setup instructions and real-time error reporting take the guesswork out of operation .
  • Evolutionary edge detection technology virtually eliminates mis-punches before they happen thanks to an early warning system
  • Continuous half-second punch cylce and a high speed continuous-duty motor punches up to 49,000 sheets per hour. Ideal for high volume, high speed punching.
  • 13 high capacity interchangable dies which install quickly withouht tools. With up to 70% higher punch capacity Magnapunch 2.0 meets all your punching needs.
  • Easy-to-use edge guide and clear front window enable operators to maintain accuracy, visibility and control at all times.
  • GBC Part Number 1880011.


  • Style: Binding Punch
  • Type: Electric
  • Disengageable Dies: Yes
  • Punch Capacity: Up to 49,000 sheets per hour (Sheet capacity based on 20 lb. paper; depends on punch pattern being used)
  • Productivity: Up to 49,000 sheets per hour
  • Dimensions: 10H x 19W x 19D
  • Power Requirements: 115V, 50
  • Warranty Period: 90 Days

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Magna Punch 2.0


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