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Dinkum Systems

Dinkum Systems 2″ Clamping Top

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Turn your Dinkum Systems camera mount or lens shade into a super strong, ultra useful clamp-to-clamp device.

The Dinkum Systems 2″ Clamping Top for Dinkum Adjustable Arms attaches to Dinkum arms to hold reflectors, microphones, boom poles, BNC cables from dolly tracks, and more. It features padded jaws that protect equipment, and it can grip any surfaces/objects up to 2″ thick.

  • Rubber tips and a padded jaw protect the mounting surface while the ridged handle ensures a good grip.
  • The 2″ clamp will securely grip tripods, C-Stands, foam core and tabletop items for countless on-set uses, holding items steady for macro photography, or devices like audio/video receivers, video transmitters, flashlights, cables, microphones or giving you a third hand for reflectors.
  • Our length adjustable arms and spring clamp allow for placement in areas other mounts can’t reach.
  • Accommodates surfaces up to 2″ thick. Weight 5.8 oz.
  • Our full product range is designed to be interchangeable so gear can be customized to your exact needs.

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